5 Delicacies You Should Avoid After Exercise

5 Delicacies You Should Avoid After Exercise

The following delicacies seem to be very good or do not cause weight gain but are not suitable to become a meal after exercise.

Food intake will directly affect your workout results. A lot of people because eating wrong leads to failure in the whole training process. So you should consider eating scientific. Here is a list of delicious dishes, but absolutely should not be consumed after exercise to avoid health and physique affected.

5 Delicious Dishes to Put on The Blacklist Meals After Exercise


Salad is a delicious dish that is good for health and physique because of its high fiber content. However, salads are not suitable to eat after training. During exercise, your body loses a relatively large amount of energy. Because salads are low in calories, not enough to help you restore strength and maintain a metabolic rate, this will make you more hungry. So you’ll need to eat more than usual.


Foods High In Fat

Although fat is good, eating a lot of fat after exercise is not good for your body and health. During exercise, the body consumes large amounts of carbs and protein. Therefore, if you only add fat, your body does not have enough energy to recover and regenerate. Some studies show that if you only take fat and skip carbs and protein, free fatty acid levels rise, which reduces metabolism. Contributes to central nervous system fatigue and increases risk muscle deficiencies. After training, you should have a balanced diet between carbs, protein, fat, and fiber.

Lots of Sugar And Caffeine

After a tiring workout, cakes and coffee are indeed a very delicious dish. In cakes contains many ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter. Therefore, you will immediately feel excited, but at the same time, you are also causing blood sugar to rise significantly.

Caffeinated beverages like coffee are said to be very good when taken before a workout because it helps you concentrate, maybe even boosting performance. However, after training, the body loses water. Caffeine not only causes the body to lose more water, but also the stress hormone cortisol.

Lots of Sugar And Caffeine

Sports Drinks And Energy Food Bars

For high-intensity athletes, sports drinks may be needed. However, if you are just an everyday athlete, you should not use this drink. In sports drinks contain many minerals and also provide a lot of sugar. If you do not consume all the energy that this drink brings, they will “gather” on your waist.

Similar to sports drinks, the energy food bar also contains a lot of unnecessary components for the body. This type of food should only be used for jam-packed days, without too much time to eat and drink. An energy food bar is no better than a regular chocolate bar. If you use your energy bar indiscriminately, you will not be able to control your weight.

Alcoholic Beverages

After exercising, we are often thrilled and excited. Therefore, we often tend to gather friends. It won’t hurt if you don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol will make you dehydrated severely. It is very advisable not to do this after your body has become dehydrated for exercising. Alcohol also inhibits protein synthesis and prevents muscle recovery.

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