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7 Foods to Burn Abdominal Fat

By Maria Gattuso

August 2, 2020

Find out here which foods you should include in your diet to lose abdominal fat. To your styles!

Abdominal fat is, without a doubt, the most difficult fat to eliminate. Fat accumulates in the abdomen without us realizing it, breaking the balance of our waistlines.

Are you wondering what you can do? We recommend that you include the following foods in your diet. Take notes!

Foods That Helps Burn Abdominal Fat.

1. The Apple

How about starting the day with a delicious apple? This idea is recommended by doctors and nutritionists who consider an apple to be a perfect breakfast if it is accompanied, for example, by a cup of oats.

Apples are rich in nutrients: they contain vitamin C, flavonoids, and beta-carotene. Consuming 2-3 apples per day will help you burn fat more efficiently.

Make yourself an apple juice for breakfast and have an apple as a snack during the day, for example.

2. The Banana

The Banana

Bananas contain between 75 and 130 calories. It is a fruit rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. It is an ideal resource that should not be deprived of at least once a day.

Bananas not only provide many vitamins, but they are also satiating. It is, therefore, a perfect mid-morning snack and an ideal ally for weight loss.

3. Celery helps burn belly fat

Celery can not be missing in your diet. It is a vegetable that adapts to all dishes and delicious in all its forms.

It is rich in vitamin C and calcium, and one of its properties is precisely to facilitate weight loss.

4. Seafood

Although these are rather expensive foods, we recommend that you eat them at least three times a week.

Seafood contains monounsaturated fats, which help prevent fat build-up. They are rich in omega-3s.

Cook them as you wish: you will provide your body with many minerals and many vitamins.

5. Lawyers

here is a misconception that avocados make you fat. This misconception is wrong. Avocado has oleic acid, an element that helps us eliminate or delay the feeling of hunger.

Also, it contains fiber, which is ideal when you want to have a flat stomach.

It’s up to you to take advantage of its satiating properties: consume one avocado per day. Avocado is perfect in salads or creams. It’s impossible to resist its delicious flavor.

6. Cherries


Cherries are delicious. If you can find some in the market for a reasonable price, don’t hesitate to buy some.

The Cherries :

  • Are allies of the digestive system
  • Are associates of the heart
  • Lower cholesterol and uric acid
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Are satiating
  • Are rich in antioxidants

On the other hand, avoid industrial juices: they are not fresh and do not provide any benefit to the body. They are only refreshing sugar drinks.

7. Tomatoes help burn Abdominal Fat

We are all fans of tomatoes. They are excellent in salads, in sauces, and adapt to any dish.

But, did you know that tomatoes reduce the accumulation of lipids in the blood? They thus prevent the collection of fat. This fruit cannot be missing in your dishes!

Some Recommendations for Burning Abdominal Fat

Poor lifestyle habits, such as a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet, lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

As we all know, having a flat stomach takes some effort and sacrifice. These sacrifices will focus above all on avoiding dishes that cause water retention and store fat.

If you want to lose weight, especially belly fat, consider the tips below.

  • Drink two liters of water a day and fresh, natural juices.
  • Eliminate refined flours and junk food from your diet.
  • Eliminate salt from your meals, as it is the number one cause of water retention.
  • Get into the habit of getting a little exercise every day. Just walking for half an hour a day, for example, can do you a lot of good.
  • Dieting doesn’t mean quitting eating. You should eat your four daily meals: breakfast, a significant dish, lunch, a small snack, and dinner. It is best to eat little but several times, between 4 and 5 times. Do not skip dinner or breakfast.

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