7 Reasons You can’t Remove Excess Fat on Your Body

Food Absorbed into The Body

On the road to a beautiful body, you need to have a good plan and take it seriously. And in the fight to reduce fat, you may encounter the following errors and mostly from your own.

You always consider the calories of foods for each of your meals, you try to stay away from your favorite dishes and still not see any results. If you are in a diet and take care of it every day, the amount of fat under your skin always stays without moving. Yes, now it’s time to take a closer look at your diet and fat reduction plan.

1. You Have been Dieting for a Long Time.

Spend 30 seconds to rethink the last time you left the table with a feeling of fullness, and when you were satisfied with the meal?

Well if for a long time your stomach is always in a state of hunger and hunger, you have to change it now.

Eat Dieting

The first reason that you can’t burn off excess fat as you wish is that you have been dieting for a long time. Dieting for a long time will put your body in a calorie deficit. When this condition persists, it slows down your body’s metabolism. And of course, when your body consumes fewer calories, the calories you burn will be less, and you won’t see any changes in your body.

Hearing this seems like you need to rest your body, right? And really, don’t hesitate to give your body a break for 2-4 weeks and don’t worry about anything about calorie intake and calorie loss. Think that you are taking one of the steps in your fat reduction plan, and you will see long-term results.

2. Do not measure the of Food Absorbed into the body

This is one of the most common reasons that people experience when body weight and fat are not changed. Because they never or do not focus on accurately measuring the amount of food loaded.

Prepare yourself a snack of salat before going to bed to fight your body, but add five pieces of bacon, four tablespoons of Mayonnaise (about 10g). Did you know that in 100g mayonnaise has 679 calories, and 100g of smoked pork is 300 calories? The average expenditure in your late-night meal before going to bed has 100 – 110 calories loaded into your body.

This is an excellent example of why you must understand the macro of each food you prepare for your meal and measure it correctly before you load it.

3. Forget your tasks and plans on weekends.

Even me, every weekend we often have to eat meals, drinks, coffee …And continue to be a large number of calories loaded into your body, while you are faithful, strict with yourself. In the days of the week, now you neglect it with care.

If one week is 100% of the diet time, then your weekends have 30% of the amount of food inferred to your diet, your fat loss workout is only 70%. And if this mode lasts, then surely you will never get the desired result.

Forget your Tasks

Now try applying the 90/10 ratio to your diet. Make your diet with 90%, then relax time, play is for the remaining 10%. That is a high rate that I recommend to follow, with this ratio you can still play, relax, eat a little, but most of the time, your body is still active in the plan. Healthy eating exercise.

4. Do not adjust Diet when Your Body Changes.

One reason not to mention is that people often do not change their diet when your body has little progress after a period of exercise and diet to reduce fat.

Adjust Diet

You give yourself a strict plan to reduce fat and diet and maintain it. Great, you feel your body changes markedly, your body weight and fat have decreased. And you continue with the original plan in the hope of reducing fat even more. But, wait, your body doesn’t always work like that. The initial diet changes your body, and to continue that you have to change your diet to fit your body and make further progress in the future.

5. To the Gym just jogging on the Cardio machine

To lose weight, you always work hard every day in the hope of burning as many calories as possible, which is a good signal. But don’t limit your daily calorie burn. A lot of people think that just wanting to burn calories, just run on the cardio all the time of your practice. Because only on the cardio machine you can keep track of all the particular indicators that the calories are lost.

To the Gym just Jogging

Single dumbbells, doubles, or any other exercise does not help you determine the exact amount of calories that you have lost during your training. But lifting weights, lifting weights will make essential changes in your body. It not only helps you burn calories but also shapes your physique.

That’s why you should spend 70% of exercise on weightlifting, activities on cardio machines, but we shouldn’t be too dependent on that machine. The result of weight loss and fat loss is perfect when you combine strength training with weight lifting & cardio training with cardio.

For best results, put strength training exercises into your training session and reduce break time between rounds. A study in Strength and Conditioning suggests that exercising with a short half-time break will help burn more calories than regular exercise.

6. Exercise Hard at the Gym.

There are many friends, especially those who just started practicing always try their best to practice in the gym. But then you fall into a sedentary lifestyle because your body has no energy for other activities. The reason is simple: You are exhausted from practicing.

All your daily activities also play a massive role in increasing the number of calories you want to burn every day. If you don’t have the energy to clean up your house, work at the company. You should reduce the number of calories you are burning for each training session and increase other activities every day.

Exercise Hard at the Gym

For example, you work hard, and don’t leave your body tired, and burn 300 calories for a workout. This helps you burn more 400 calories into other activities during the day because your body is still full of energy. So you’ve burned 700 calories.

If you train and try your best to run out of energy in the gym to burn 500 calories the rest of the day you watch movies, surf facebook and the calories consumed for this activity is 50 calories. So your total calories lost in only 550 calories.

So what is the more logical problem for you to burn as many calories as you want every day?

7. Eat too much after each Exercise Gym.

Finally, be careful with common mistakes after this episode. You reward yourself with a hearty meal after an arduous workout. Whether you eat a snack or not after a workout, you will retain all the strength and cardiovascular improvements you have achieved during that workout.

Eat too much after Exercise

But, if you reward yourself with a large smoothie and a cake with cheese and ice cream, all your sweat and effort will fill the sea and end with Neutral Calorie Balance (Natural Status: Status The amount of calories lost is equal to the number of calories loaded. And in this state, the bodyweight will remain the same.

Loading starch after a workout is essential just be aware of the calories you load. But if you don’t want to add more food after exercise, only consume about 400 calories during the post-workout period.

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