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Walking around the world, what beauty styles do you love?

South Korea

To get smoky skin that is not glossy Korean, you need to have chalk as well as a naturally bright highlighter. A Tilbury Charlotte oil-based Airbrush Flawless Finish with a velvety light powder, Sheer Sheer Pressed Powder, contains Vitamin E, which provides a feeling of airiness but still maximizes oil absorption. Besides, when traveling, you should also prioritize handy products such as Multiple NARS. Pastel pink Copacabana that can use as a highlighter can also be used for a gentle, natural style.

Beauty Styles


Step into the rebellious Harajuku, don’t be afraid to experiment with breakthrough beauty styles. Please skip the liner and the familiar black mascara to break the way with sharp eyes. This summer, Chanel joined the trend of colored mascara with the line of Le Volume Révolution De Chanel with four colors easy to use. The brush head printed with 3D technology for long, natural lashes. Also, try out three sets of eyeliner, white, lemon, and pink in Fenty’s Summer collection.

Beauty Styles


July is exciting with the Pride Month of the LGBT community. Tens of thousands of people came to London with brightly dressed and adorned with seven rainbow colors. Palette Jawbreaker of vlogger Jeffree Star rainbow colors can satisfy your creativity. Anastasia Beverly Hills also released a color palette with the star drag queen Alyssa Edwards with 14 diverse shades.

Beauty England


From Mykonos to Santorini, there’s nothing better than walking by the white, blue-roofed houses featured in a light white dress and wavy hair. To get bobbing hair, invest in a good curling iron. The GHD brand is at the forefront of hair curlers believed by many international stars. GHD’s Platinum + series of smart styling machines can touch to self-adjust, minimize the effect of heat on the hair but still keep the lock for long. A more advanced option is Dyson’s Airwrap. Super strong suction makes hair roll into Airwrap and results in perfect curls.

Beauty Greek


Arriving in Turkey, it is impossible to ignore the romantic Istanbul or Cappadocia semi-desert region with hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful hot air balloons. Focus on the beauty style with deep eyes with light colors. Refer to Bobbi Brown’s Molten Drama eyeshadow for dramatic glare and metallic, or 6 hot creamy eye colors from Metal Crème Multi-Use Palette of NARS. With colors ranging from hot to cold, light to dark with emulsion, you can create a lot of eye makeup with just one color palette.

Beauty Turkey


Morocco, an intersection between two continents, is a surprisingly diverse country. You can see the majestic mountains, ancient walk-in cities, or ride camels in the vast desert. Besides, Morocco is also known for its colorful spices. Inspired by the distinctive yellow, orange, and red colors in the spice markets in Morocco, look for a passionate lipstick like the color of Obscur Rouge from Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet Powder line. For long-lasting color without drying out in the burning sun, Radiant Liquid Rouge Matte by Clé de Peau Beauté with soft lipstick like buttercream and 8-hour moisturizing formula is an option. You can choose bright red Silk Kimono or Evening Flame red bass.

Beauty Morocco

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