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Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate In Sport

By Maria Gattuso

July 25, 2020

Can sodium bicarbonate help with weight loss? Yes, this crystalline compound can have both direct and indirect influence in weight loss.

Sodium bicarbonate is a type of salt that results from the chemical combination of sodium and carbonic acid. It is used for many purposes, from preparing meals to eliminating bad odours. Also, among the benefits of sodium bicarbonate, we find its anti-inflammatory effect. This is useful in relieving conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Can sodium bicarbonate also help with weight loss? Yes, this crystalline compound can have both direct and indirect influence in weight loss. Keep reading this article to learn more about it.

The Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate In Sport

It Promotes Physical Training

Sodium Bicarbonate In Sport

Sodium bicarbonate works indirectly by promoting weight loss through physical training. It allows you to reduce and neutralise lactic acid during an intense workout.

Lactic acid is responsible for fatigue in the body during training. A study carried out in Europe has shown the positive effects of consuming sodium bicarbonate, via certain foods and drinks, in a group of athletes. It reduces lactic acid. Therefore, adding a little baking soda to meals will help build resistance during a workout aimed at losing weight.

It Controls Appetite and Regulates the Digestive System

Sodium bicarbonate is a good remedy for acidity. Indeed, it temporarily neutralizes stomach acids. When added in moderation to foods such as bread or cookies, it mainly allows:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Train satiety
  • Regulate intestinal transit

This can easily be verified by performing the following experiment: if you mix sodium bicarbonate with an acid, such as vinegar, for example, it will produce water (neutral pH) and carbon dioxide as a gas. The same is true in the stomach with stomach acids but in a more moderate way.

Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate in Energy or Diet Drinks

Sodium Bicarbonate in Energy or Diet Drinks

Adding some sodium bicarbonate to energy drinks will be beneficial for weight loss workouts. This will increase the level of electrolytes in the body. These are essential for the body as they are good for muscles and nerves. It can also be added to many types of dietetic infusions. This will then be a perfect complement to fight overweight or even to tone the abdominal region.

Consuming Baking Soda Beyond Weight Loss

Despite all the benefits mentioned, you have to be vigilant. Consuming sodium bicarbonate is beneficial to the stomach and muscles to some extent, but not to the heart.

In conclusion, bicarbonate can benefit the whole human body, if and only if it is consumed in moderation. It can also help in the treatment of diseases like rheumatologic and joint conditions.

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