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Corset Shirts Weight Loss is the Appropriate Method that you can Consider?

By Maria Gattuso

February 5, 2020

Corset Shirt, Corset Shirt Weight Loss, Weight Loss

Many women find corset shirts as a way to lose weight and have toned abdominal muscles but capable really as advertised?

Over the centuries, the standard of beauty of women has continuously been changing according to many different trends. However, there is one standard of beauty that is still lasting and is worshiped by women is the hourglass figure with ant waistline. And corset waistband was born to help women realize the dream of having an S-shaped body with attractive curves.

Today, the corset belt is also considered by many people as a therapy to lose weight, reduce belly fat, and have firm abdominal muscles. However, is this an effective method to help shape your body and help you get the slim waist you want? Please also find out.

Corset Shirt Weight Loss
The name Corset is derived from “corps” in Old French, meaning “body.” From the 17th century, this shirt has helped women realize their desire to have an S-shaped body – a symbol of the beauty of the era when they can tighten the waist, creating curves for the chest and hips.


In theory, a corset shirt with a tight-fitting design will limit cravings for weight loss effectively because the stomach will be pinched, the wearer will not want to eat much, thereby reducing calorie intake. However, many conflicting opinions wearing corset belts complete does not work to lose weight, even very harmful to health. So what is happening?

1. Does Using a Waistband really Make your Belly Smaller and Firmer?

A lot of people have suggested that this method can help to reduce waist circumference by at least 2-3 cm. However, the waistband does not have a toning effect because the mechanism of the waistband is only tightening the waist, shaping the spine and creating relative force on the ribs.

Corset Shirts Weight Loss
Wear the waistband for a while, and the ribs will be pressed, pressed to help smaller, from which the waist will look smaller. But if you want to have toned abs, the only exercise can help you do that.

2. Should We Use a Belt Waistband?

Many ideas should not use the waistband because there are many adverse effects on health, but actually, this idea is quite superficial. Because if used correctly and for the right purpose, this will be a tool to support and shape your body super effectively. Moreover, the waistband belt helps your waist to be smaller by reshaping the ribs, making the bones more compact, so if you want to have a smaller size, they can ultimately seek the help of the waistband.

However, when using it should be noted, do not abuse the waistband repeatedly and wear when exercising because exercises that use the waistband can push the organs downwards, which can lead to unexpected health problems.

Use a Belt Waistband
So when the waist is desired, the girls should not continue to use the waistband, but should instead practice making the size firmer.


For those who are just beginning to use the waistband, they should only be used for 1 hour a day, not too much in the long run. Also, it should not be worn at bedtime to avoid affecting blood circulation but should be dressed in the morning to achieve the best effect.

Corset Shirts


When using, do not try to compress the body into the waistband at the smallest size, but gradually reduce it by each step so as not to cause discomfort and health effects.




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