Do Not Underestimate The Eating Habits Are Too Full If You Do Not Want To Be Infected With People

Eating Habits Are Too Full

Many people think that eating more is more healthy, but in fact, when you have a habit of eating too long for a long time can cause many diseases that affect health and longevity.

Eating Habits That Are Too Full Will Increase Your Risk Of These Diseases.


Strictly speaking, obesity is not a disease, but it is an increasingly common phenomenon in modern life and tends to “rejuvenate” in the subject. On the other hand, when the weight exceeds the standard, it also increases the risk of developing many diseases.


Those who regularly eat bluff and do not control the dose at each meal will cause the body to tolerate excess heat. The good weather will automatically turn into fat, gradually leading to obesity. The person can weigh too much, the pressure on the heart, blood vessels more magnificent, eventually prone to disease.

Stomach Diseases

Eating without control will directly damage your stomach and intestines. Because the digestion of food is conducted in the stomach, if you always eat too full will increase the burden on the digestive organs.

Once the stomach is unable to digest food fully, people will develop symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, etc. If only occasionally overeating, the level of harm is not high, but if this condition lasts for a long time will damage the stomach lining, leading to ulcers and even perforation of the stomach.

Stomach Diseases


The reason we can say that overeating will cause cancer is wholly based on scientific grounds. According to the results of the research of health experts, the food exceeds the necessary standards that will affect the vitality of cancer cell factors, increasing the risk of human cancer.

Heart-related Disease

Food will be converted into energy to supply the body, but this level of strength only needs to be at a certain level, not every more and more healthy. If every time you eat, you do not consciously control the amount of food you eat, causing the body to absorb excess heat, increase cholesterol, and the concentration of blood, leading to cardiovascular disease.

Heart-related Disease

Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Upper gastrointestinal bleeding usually appears in people who already have an ulcerative digestive tract. If, in this case, the patient often will make the situation worse, causing bleeding.

How To Practice Eating Habits Seven Parts As Experts Recommend?

The number “7 part no” although quite abstract because this is a kind of feeling without any specific targets. However, you can still practice gradually to feel during eating. Usually, when you have reached “7 servings”, you will think that the stomach is still not full, but the excitement for food has decreased significantly.

On the other hand, if your previous meal has reached seven servings, before the second meal, you will not feel unusually hungry. Conversely, if your feeling indicates that you are starving too early, it means that you need to increase your food intake to match your body’s needs.

Eating Habits Are Too Full

In addition to controlling the amount of food at every meal, it’s essential to eat yourself. When eating, you should sit up straight rather than stooping your chest in a state too relaxed. The upright sitting posture helps reduce the pressure on the stomach, promoting a more convenient digestive process.

The gap between the two main meals should be 4 to 6 hours. If spaced too long, it will cause feelings of hunger, affecting work efficiency and exercise. But if the two meals are too close, the digestive organs will not get enough rest, making you eat less delicious and delicate to digest and absorb.

After eating, do not use the computer. Blood in the body after a meal will focus on the digestive organs, at this time the brain will have the phenomenon of temporary anemia so using a computer will cause you nervous tension, impaired memory, increase the risk of disease heart blood vessels, etc..



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