Drinking-Water Before Sleeping will Help You Lose Weight?

Weigh Loss of Water

When you want to choose the best drink, there is no better drink than water. It is everywhere, cheap and low in calories. In addition, it helps you to retain water in your body by electrolytes, which helps your body not become dehydrated quickly and prevents constipation and brings nutrients and oxygen to your cells. If you are trying to lose weight, water will help. But drinking it before going to bed is not the best time. Consult your doctor before starting any weight loss journey.

Water and Weight Loss

Weight Loss of Water

Water is part of a weight loss plan that can help you. A study published in 2008 investigated associations for drinking water in weight loss in a group of overweight women. Research shows that drinking plenty of water helps promote weight loss and fat loss in women, regardless of diet and exercise habits. The authors of the study claim that drinking water helps support your weight loss efforts by helping you eat fewer calories and changing your metabolism.

Water Demand

Weight Loss of Water 2

Your daily water needs vary and depend on your diet, activity, environment, and health. Healthy adults need at least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration and replace dehydration due to sweat, urine, toilet, and respiratory needs. The Clemson Cooperative Extension said. Drink 1 liter of water for every 50 pounds of body weight – 3 liters of water for a 150-pound person.

Water Before going to Bed

Drinking water will be helpful for weight loss, but drinking water before going to bed hampers your efforts. Drinking water before going to bed, disrupts your sleep due to having to move late at night or early in the morning to the bathroom. Not getting enough sleep at night increases your appetite and desire for high-fat foods and sugar, warns the University of Washington. Poor sleep also increases stress levels and affects your health.

When to Drink Water to Lose Weight

Weight Loss of Water 3

Drinking a glass before a meal or snack helps you fill it up, so you eat less, help reduce overall calories for weight loss, the University of Washington said. Dehydration raises your appetite, so drinking water regularly throughout the day helps you keep water and taste under control. Fill a 64-ounce bottle of water in the morning and drink it periodically throughout the day.


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