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3 Note When Performing Fasting to Lose Weight

By Maria Gattuso

May 3, 2020

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The practice of fasting defiantly to achieve the desired weight is not suitable for your health. However, because of the rush, want to lose weight quickly, many people ignore the scientific principles that lead to serious health effects. Therefore, there must be a proper way of fasting. In the following article, we will share with you three notes when doing the method fasting to lose weight.

3 Things to Note When Applying Fasting to Lose Weight

The effects of unscientific fasting methods on the body

Science has proven that fat is the main source of energy that helps the brain function properly. Therefore, eating too little food to lose weight will lead to malnutrition, directly affecting memory with the most obvious manifestation of amnesia. Lack of nutrition will weaken the body’s immune system. Thin people may not be able to fight off germs and viruses so that they will be susceptible to colds and infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and their ability to recover health is also very slow.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight by fasting, you need to understand the principles and specific applications. Although it is called fasting, on diet days, you should eat, but you should not eat much. Women should eat 700 calories a day, and men should add 800 calories to be able to lose weight quickly.

A 700-calorie diet menu for the day of the fast will include two chicken breasts, one plate of green vegetables, and an apple. You should also drink plenty of water, or you can drink tea or coffee without sugar.

3 Things to Note When Applying Fasting to Lose Weight

Who Needs to Say No to Fasting Like This?

This way of fasting does not apply to people with low blood pressure, anemia, people with stomach pain, or diabetes. Because they always need special diets. You should not use fasting methods like this if you are pregnant or underweight, or have a history of eating disorders. This method is also not recommended for children, adolescents (developing), and people with chronic heart disease.

Let’s Have a Smart Way of Fasting!

  • You should have dinner before 19h to digest food before bed. You can eat half a cup of rice + a cup of soup/greens at dinner. That just ensures health and not worry about weight gain.
  • The more you divide up the meals of the day, the more you can lose weight effectively. To combat hunger during the day, use fruits or nuts to snack instead of candies.
  • If you plan to exercise after work, have a snack around 16:30. After that, you can exercise at 17:30, within 1 hour and dinner at 19-19:30.

Join workout classes to lose weight fast-safely and effectively. If you want to lose weight scientifically and effectively, instead of adopting austere and many potential dangers to health.

We are committed to being your perfect choice to help improve physique, burn fat effectively. Also, each class has a dedicated guide from the coaches, assisting you in practicing the correct posture, avoiding injuries during practice. Some weight loss training classes you should refer to:

Body Pump

BodyCombat: With a duration of 55 minutes helps burn all 740 calories, helps relieve stress effectively. Because it is a training class that combines hands, feet, back, shoulders simultaneously with kicking techniques like a true martial artist, the outstanding effect that body combat brings to the participants is to feel the firmness of the body, the solidness of the muscles as well as the central muscle groups.

BodyPump: With 55 minutes of body pump training, you effectively burn calories. The experience of exercises, in combination with weights, will give you a toned physique, slim body, and flexibility for the body.

Bums n Tums: This is an exercise class specifically designed for the lower body. By applying steps in combination using small weights and bodyweight combination. Bums n tums training class promises to bring you toned legs, gluteal buttocks, and hip development.

We have provided you with three important notes when doing fasting. At the same time, assert to you that regular exercise is the most accurate and scientific method of weight loss.

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