Green Coffee Beans – Decaffeinated Drinks Perfect For Your Health

The Green Coffee Beans

If you are wondering if any drink is both refreshing and healthy, the answer is green coffee beans. Coffee is a drink, no stranger to us. This drink is convenient and increases concentration. However, with adverse health effects, we cannot use coffee regularly. But if you’re a coffee addict, there’s a solution for you: green coffee. Green coffee beans create a real cup of coffee but are very healthy.

Green Coffee Beans

What is Green Coffee Bean?

Green coffee is a fresh coffee bean that is picked from coffee trees. This type of coffee is different in that it has not been roasted, nor has it been processed. So they still retain the natural green. After grinding green coffee beans into powder, you can directly use it to make coffee.

Why Are Green Coffee Beans Better Than Regular Coffee?

Green coffee beans contain lots of antioxidants and other pharmacological compounds. The two most important ones are caffeine, and one type of Acid is Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is an antioxidant that aids weight loss very effectively. However, through the process of roasting, processing, coffee beans have lost this Acid, leaving only caffeine.

Why Are Green Coffee Beans Better Than Regular Coffee

The Outstanding Benefits of Green Coffee

Increase in Concentration

Like regular coffee, green coffee also has the function of increasing the ability to concentrate. Specific compounds in green coffee beans improve neurotransmitter function in the brain. With the stimulation of the brain, the mind will be more lucid and refreshed. Besides, thanks to the chlorogenic acid compound, you will also reduce stress and not have high blood pressure.

An Excellent Antioxidant Drink

In green coffee has a high orac value – the antioxidant scale. The higher this value, the more antioxidants help coffee limit the effects of free radicals operating in the body. Chlorogenic Acid content also contributes to the regulation of blood glucose and slows down the aging process of the skin.

An Excellent Antioxidant Drink

Reduce Excess Fat, Support Weight Loss

Green coffee helps your body generate heat. You are thereby increasing metabolism, promoting the ability to burn fat and control calories. At the same time, this coffee contains large amounts of kelp to help maintain the amount of nutrients in the body. That way, you will have enough power needed to operate throughout the day. Besides, caffeine helps the fatty Acid in the blood to convert into easily consumed energy so that the body can quickly excrete fat out.

Reduce Cravings

If you have a habit of snacking or craving, this is a useful “cure” drink. Green coffee contains chromium as a vitamin B. This compound helps reduce cravings for sweet, reduces blood glucose, and reduces insulin levels. By controlling our needs, we will control the amount of food we consume. This will further promote the process of rapid weight loss results.

Reduce Cravings

Purify The Body

Green coffee contains substances that help the body eliminate toxins from the liver, bad cholesterol, natural scum. When all functions in the body are purified, they will work better to help improve metabolism and improve your health. Besides, when the body cleans cholesterol, it can prevent cardiovascular consequences when you get old.

The Note When Using Green Coffee

  • People with high blood pressure, diarrhea, weak digestive tract should not use green coffee.
  • Green coffee beans are high in caffeine. So you should be careful with the dose. Otherwise, the central nervous system will be overly stimulated.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must not use green coffee.
  • Green coffee is just a drink to aid weight loss. Want to lose weight effectively and long-term, you should still follow a reasonable diet combined with exercise.

The Note When Using Green Coffee


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