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7 Habits to Change Your Life in a Positive Way

By Maria Gattuso

July 25, 2020

Habits to change your life for positive are small actions that have their place in everyone’s daily life. They lead to serenity, balance and, consequently, to fairer attitudes and decisions.

One of the central propositions of Zen is to calm thoughts and emotions to establish a stable and lasting inner peace to take good habits to change your life positively.

Inner peace is a necessary condition for acting appropriately and enjoying well-being. With these habits, we seek to build the requirements required to consolidate this point of internal balance.

“Wherever you are, be there. ”

–Jim Elliot–

If thoughts and emotions remain calm, one can act with greater clarity and the strength is concentrated. We do not waste our energy unnecessarily, and we achieve better results in all areas. Here are some of these habits to change your life positively.

1. Breathe

You would be surprised how much your life could change if you only took a little moment every day to breathe, and especially during difficult times. Breathing is essential in the way our body and mind work.

This is why one of the habits to change your life positively is this: breath. It’s just a matter of creating the habit of taking a few minutes to slow down your breathing, every day and whenever we feel restless.


2. Habits to Change Your Life: Change the Storytelling

Without even noting it, we often build some sort of script or script to hurt ourselves. These are the thoughts that appear and reappear to tell us that we cannot, that things will go wrong or that we have to fear such and such a situation, etc.

One of the habits to change your life for the better is to be aware of these harmful and repetitive thoughts and to change them. Let’s get rid of all those ideas that demean us, make us feel guilty or upset us.

3. Smile

Sometimes it is good to do a little test. The latter is simply to greet someone with severe air and then, the next day, to do the same thing with a smile. Either way, we need to observe what this creates in ourselves and in each other. We will assuredly notice a big difference.

It has been proven that smiling is an act that in itself releases a series of neuropeptides, which have a positive impact on our mood. So, test your smile and look at yourself in the mirror, especially in difficult times. Turn it into your most usual gesture.

4. Habits to Change your Life: Reprogram the Perception of Pain

We have surely believed for many years that a good life is one where there is no pain. This is a mistaken and unrealistic idea. All significant events in life involve some degree of pain, beginning with birth itself.

Pain is not something to be avoided, but an experience to be taken for granted. But that’s not all. It is also one of the factors that push us to evolve if we can interpret it as a teaching.

5. Enter into Symbiosis with Nature

Do not wait until you are no longer able to disconnect from the routine. One of the habits to change your life positively is precisely to cut through this repetitive daily life to come into contact with nature and let it imbue us with its tranquillity.

It doesn’t have to be an unusual activity: the ideal is that you introduce it into your life and do it regularly. The fact of entering into symbiosis with nature is as valuable as work, honouring commitments, etc. The high is also beautiful and long-lasting.

6. Habits to Change your Life: Live the Present

Focusing on the past or the future is a tumultuous exercise. These are times over which we have no power other than to loop them around in our heads. Most of the time, thinking about it is just one way to feed nostalgia or anxiety.

It is imperative to be aware of our history. Just as it is fundamental to know clearly, where we want to go. The most important thing, however, is to prioritise the present moment more so that you don’t fall into a negative and unhelpful mood.

Live the Present

7. Meditate

Meditating does not necessarily mean sitting in the lotus position on a cushion and attaining Nirvana or the like. It is possible to meditate while washing the dishes when walking home, or in virtually any situation where you don’t have to focus very heavily on something external.

To put it simply, to meditate is to come into contact with yourself. Feel you. Pay attention to the way your heart beats, to the rhythm of the air coming in and out of your body. Become aware of the thoughts that come into your mind and the feelings that arise.

All of these positive life-changing habits are simple and applicable to anyone’s life. The only thing required is the desire to bring them into our life and the discipline to turn them into a habit.

Maria Gattuso

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