Peed Skin with Glycolic Acid and Things You Should Know

Peed Skin with Glycolic Acid

Is skin peeling method with glycolic acid suitable for your skin? Along to find the effective way of beauty, “ten thousand people love” this!

Peel skin method was formed and received a lot of attention in Europe and America. According to statistics from the American Association of Aesthetics, in 1999, there were more than 800,000 cases of implementing this method and a prerequisite for later cosmetic development. This form of aesthetic has gradually spread to Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and now Vietnam. Peel skin is considered a method to help your skin shine suddenly. However, to make this method safe, you should also pay attention to a few things.

Peel Skin

Peel Skin Method with Glycolic Acid

The chemical peel of the skin is Chemical peel, a method of applying natural chemicals to remove dead skin cells on the skin. This impact creates a false “alarm,” stimulating the body to produce a healthy new skin layer. Thanks to this, your skin will become whiter and inhibit the formation of melanin cells. One of the familiar ingredients used in peel skin method is Glycolic Acid with safety characteristics but bring high efficiency.

Many people will mistakenly peel the skin with weekly exfoliation. However, exfoliation is the process of cleansing the skin. Meanwhile, peeling skin is a form of treatment that removes the “stubborn” horn layers that cling to the skin, while helping the skin to be healthy, anti-aging, and prevent acne.

Effective When Peeling The Skin with Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a natural chemical of Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from fruits. This is one of the lightest acids used in the skin. During the peeling process, this substance will soften the horn layers and “swept away” them gently. With this principle of operation, Glycolic Acid will definitely bring you many unexpected effects.

Glycolic Acid

Acne Treatment

As a chemical, glycolic acid can penetrate the skin surface to remove bacteria and dead skin that clog pores. The deep cleansing mechanism in each pore helps you solve acne problems. As a result, your pores also reduced in size.

Preventing Aigns of Aging

When the stratum corneum removed, the cells will send signals to regenerate and produce collagen to help the skin look younger and limit dryness and wrinkles. This method can also create a natural biological layer that protects the skin from the aging agent such as pollution and sunshine. Therefore, the “time traces” such as a scar, dark, melasma also gradually lost.

Method Peel Skin

Helps Skin Color and Smoothness

When the dead skin layers go away, you will be returned to healthy, even-colored skin. There were no signs of popping and flaking on your face. With a long-lasting effect, the skin will always be smooth and soft.

Is skin Peeling with Glycolic Acid safe?

If you want to make peel skin at home, glycolic acid is a safe ingredient for your skin. Inaccessible products on the market, manufacturers always ensure proper acidity and PH; you will avoid skin irritation. Meanwhile, if you go to beauty salons, they will combine higher concentration glycolic acid with some other unique ingredients. Of course, a stinging sensation will appear if you first make it but will be more effective at home.

The Method Peel Skin

Things You Should keep in Mind when Doing Peel Skin with Glycolic Acid

    • Make sure your skin is in good health, free from inflammatory and irritating acne. Come and consult your dermatologist to see if your skin is in the process of peeling off the skin and getting advice before doing this.
    • Peel skin chemical process is not for those who have open wounds, have a history of keloids, allergy to skin peel components and immunodeficiency.
    • The care cycle, after doing this method must be gentle. You should not forget sunscreen because your skin is susceptible now.
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, and drink plenty of water, so the new skin layer is replenished with nutrients.
  • You should only choose the right and gentle products for your skin. Makeup is also discouraged during this time to limit irritation or any signs of skin damage.

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