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Sleeping Positions That Speak Volumes About Your Relationship

By Maria Gattuso

July 11, 2020

Although body language can vary, the posture we adopt when sleeping positions with our partner speak volumes about the emotional situation we find ourselves in right now.

All specialists and psychologists agree that the positions during sleep of couples speak volumes about the period they are going through.

If you think about it seriously, you will surely realize that when you have quarreled with your spouse, you tend to turn your back on him or to seek one of the positions during sleep, which avoids him when sleeping.

Likewise, you have probably noticed that after a romantic day or if things are going well between you, you fall asleep intertwined and as close as possible to each other.

Body language varies from person to person. It is, in general, an emotional opening on the situation in which the couple finds themselves. Would you like to know more about the positions during sleep that you adopt with your spouse?

Back to Back But Touching

Back to Back But Touching

Couples accustomed to sleeping in this position show that they each respect their respective individual space but without ever losing touch, and they are dynamic. They manage their lives independently. But their relationship is healthy and stable.

According to specialists, this position indicates confidence in the couple without having to be always in the presence of others.

Back to Back And Separated

Back to Back And Separated

This position is a warning: something is wrong with the relationship. Keeping distance and wanting more freedom is a need for both spouses.

Lack of contact between the bodies, in opposite directions, may mean that there has been a persuasive argument. Or one of them is looking for complete independence.

In this case, the position should be carefully analyzed. For example, if the hands are closed, and the body is stretched, these are signals that show that the couple does not want to communicate and that the presence of the other is unbearable.

On the other hand, if the body is relaxed, there is no tension in the couple. And that can only indicate that trust reigns and that each respects the space of the other.

One in Front of the Other, Without Touching

Without Touching

Sleeping in this position shows that spouses need privacy, but they need to see each other. In general, these types of couples more easily manage daily routines and problems.

Each of them knows how to respect their moments of intimacy. But their connection prevents them from taking distance.




Experts agree that this position is the signal of an unyielding passion. This is especially common when the relationship has just started. Or when the couple has just had intimate relations.

Being intertwined could reveal sexual desire. But according to experts, couples who are used to positions during sleep generally suffer from jealousy.

In Spoon

In Spoon

Experts say that the hugger tends to guide and protect the other person. The embracing spouse feels proper and safe by his side. Also, he may feel in danger if he is not huddled against the other.

It is a position that reflects the perfect harmony in the couple. However, it can sometimes indicate that there is some insecurity in the relationship.




Experts agree that in body language, this position shows the commitment, love, and tenderness between the two people. In general, this indicates that the couple’s sex life is excellent.

Sleeping with your head against your spouse’s shoulder is one element that proves that the person feels safe with the other.

The One who Takes Up All the Space and The One who Takes up Little

The One who Takes Up All

This means that the couple is having a difficult time. And that the person occupying the least space suffers from a lack of self-esteem and insecurity. While the one who takes up a lot of space still believes that the relationship is working well.

This position is not right in a couple, according to experts, since the person who takes up all the space in the bed does not show affection to his spouse.

Everyone Has Their Own Space, With Their Feet Entwined

Everyone Has Their Own Space

This position shows that the two people love each other. But they should pay more attention to their relationship. Sleeping with your feet, entwined, is a symbol of commitment and cooperation in the couple.

Experts say it’s a combination of love, passion, and relationship differences.

And you? What are the positions during sleep that you adopt with your spouse? Share them with us.

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