The Taboo “Horrific Poison” When Drinking Orange Juice Not Everyone Knows

Orange Juice

Many people think that orange juice is good so that you can drink it anytime. Drinking orange juice also needs to be scientific and reasonable. Otherwise, it will “cause poison,” extremely harmful to health.

Oranges and tangerines are all fruits that contain many nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid good for skin, bones, heart, muscle, and digestive health. However, when eating, drinking water This fruit and the following foods can make them “incompatible,” and then cause immeasurable damage to health.

Do Not Drink Milk And Drink Orange Juice.

The protein in milk will react with tartaric acid and vitamin C in oranges, it not only affects the digestion and absorption of food but can also cause bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea. So, should drink milk before or after you have eaten oranges an hour or more.

Do Not Drink Orange Juice Before Brushing Your Teeth.

The acid in orange juice sticks to the surface of the tooth enamel, and under the scrubbing effect of a brush can make your paint damaged if you regularly eat and drink orange juice before brushing your teeth.

You should rinse your mouth immediately after drinking orange juice to eliminate acid adhesion on the teeth, prevent acid erosion with your enamel.

Drink Orange Juice In The Evening

In the evening should not drink orange juice because orange juice has the effect of renewing and diuretic, easy to cause night urination causing insomnia and damaging health.

Orange Juice

Do not use oranges and turnips together.

When ingested radish, it will quickly produce a substance called “sulfate.” After sulfate is metabolized, it will produce an anti-thyroid substance – thiocyanic acid.

If you drink orange juice at this time, the flavonoids in oranges will break down in the intestinal tract and change into hydroxy acids and ferulic acid. These two acids can enhance the inhibitory effect of thiocyanic acid on the thyroid gland, which will cause goiter.

Drink Orange Juice Right After Breakfast.

After eating, should you drink one glass of orange juice? When you have just finished eating, drinking a glass of orange juice right is not beneficial. Because in orange juice is high in sugar, if you drink right after breakfast makes the sugar fermented, causing a bloating, upset stomach.

Do Not Drink Orange Juice When Taking Antibiotics.

Orange juice has the effect of increasing the body’s resistance. Still, if taken while taking antibiotics, the acid in orange juice can damage the chemical structure of the drug, reduce the healing effects of the drug, causing danger to Prolonged bacterial infection.

Ideally, after antibiotic treatment is completed, you drink orange juice to nourish the body.

Orange Juice

If you are suffering from stomach, duodenal, or pancreatitis, you should not drink orange juice because it contains a lot of organic matter that increases the acidity in the stomach, causes heartburn, and worsens ulcers.

Besides, orange juice has a laxative effect. If you have diarrhea, you should dilute it with water and drink little by little.

Drinking Orange Juice Continuously Will Not Be Suitable For Teeth.

A recent study by Dr. Yanfeng Ren, an associate professor at the Rochester Eastman Institute of Oral Health, showed that orange juice reduced tooth stiffness by 84%.

Orange Juice

Are You Drinking Orange Juice At The Best Time?

While orange juice has many health benefits, it is not always good to drink it.

After breakfast, immediately drink orange juice, which will cause the sugar to ferment, causing gas and bloating. This is not pleasant at all.

In the evening, this time is not suitable for drinking orange juice because they have a diuretic effect, quickly causing night urination to make you sleepless and insomnia.

Ideally, we should drink orange juice 1-2 hours after a meal when the body is neither too hungry nor too full.

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