February 6


Unexpected Causes Make you Drowsy During Working Hours

By Maria Gattuso

February 6, 2020

Drowsy, Drowsy During, Drowsy During Working Hours

What Causes Drowsiness At Work?

Fatigue, drowsiness, and nodding are common problems many office workers have. Always tired, nodding, and sluggishness at work will heal your mood, health and efficiency of work.

There are three main reasons why workplace people feel sleepy during working hours:

Not Sleeping Well, Not Enough Sleep

Today, many young people often surf the web, play computer games at night. They sleep less than 7 hours a day, so the next morning, they often wake up feeling tired, tired.

Not Sleeping Well

Not Fasting Breakfast

Fasting breakfast makes the body not be provided with all the necessary nutrients. This is also the cause of symptoms of fatigue, sleepiness at work.


In the process of working, many office workers are stressed and have to think much. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from chronic depression. People with chronic depression are three times more likely to fall asleep than usual.

Not Fasting Breakfast

Other Causes

Some other causes of drowsiness, such as medication use, hot weather, etc., can also cause drowsiness during working hours.

When you feel tired, sleepy at work, you should:

Smell the Wind Oil

Wind oil essence helps stimulate the brain. You can rub wind essence on your temples or forehead to make you feel less sleepy and alert.

Stretch Your Arms And Legs

Sitting for a long time makes you feel tired, sleepy. You should stand up, sit down more, twist the neck and joints to feel more alert.

Drowsy During Working Hours

Peppermint Oil

Using peppermint oil can help you feel more alert and refreshed.

Good night

Good sleep is a prerequisite to ensure you have a full of energy. Therefore, limit staying up late, using electronic devices and going to bed early and sleeping 7-8 hours a night.

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