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Why Do You Need to Exercise Regularly?

By Maria Gattuso

July 25, 2020

Exercise regular has many proven health benefits. From disease prevention to improving mental health or aesthetics, make a habit of improving your quality of life.

You’ve probably heard it over and over again that regular exercise is “good for you.” But did you know that deep down, it can also make you feel good? Getting enough exercise can increase your energy levels and even help improve your mood.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll give you some effective reasons to start moving, looking and feeling better.

Here are 5 benefits of exercising regularly. If you do it at least three times a week, for 30 minutes, you will see the difference.

Why is it Important to Exercise Regularly?

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and regular physical activity help maintain good health and prevent disease. Do you need another reason for playing sports?

Sport can be adapted to any age, can be initiated regardless of physical level and provides general well-being from day one. The physical and mental health benefits of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly have been extensively researched and tested.

Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health

Physical Activity for Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the “Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health” with the overall aim of providing policymakers with guidance on the role of physical activity in the prevention of non-life illnesses. Transmissible (MNT). The recommendations in this document distinguish three age groups: 5-17 years, 18-64 years and over 65 years.

We Give You five more Reasons to Exercise.

If you still don’t have enough reasons to start exercising, here are 5 of the top benefits of using regularly:

1. Sport improves general health

Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of many diseases: diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, etc. We, therefore, have in our hands an essential prevention tool for our health.

Anything we do preventively will be better, and sport is one of the most effective ways.

2. Physical Exercise Improves Functional Age

Physical Exercise Improves Functional Age

In other words, it measures a person’s ability to function effectively in the environment around them, where strength and other physical skills have a lot to say.

We all know someone who at 50 is a better fit than many 30-year-olds, people over 75 who run marathons, and others who at that age depend on carrying out their most daily tasks.

The health of an older person should be measured in terms of function rather than disease. Physical activity in the elderly is associated with a lower risk of several chronic diseases associated with ageing.

3. Sport improves the feeling of well-being

The mood of those who exercise is often much more positive, as there is a potent anxiolytic effect in all those who engage in moderate-intensity physical activity.

Different studies have shown that playing sports helps reduce stress and improve mood. This is due to biological variables, such as the separation of endorphins, which take place during exercise. Endorphins are known as the hormones of happiness.

4. Exercise increases your mental capacity

Seeing that you can do more than you thought possible, you push yourself beyond and exercise yourself by seeking to do more. This force which, at first glance, seems only physical, has a lot of minds.

The successful person in a sport is one who has a mind trained to make sacrifices, to hold a firm decision, to fight even when it seems like there is no more strength left.

And if you can do all of that while working out, imagine all the things you can face outside of the gym. It helps to focus in general and to engage more with yourself.

5. Exercise can also help you look better

People who exercise burn more calories and look more toned than those who don’t. Indeed, it improves the cellular oxygenation process and serves as a supplement to delay the onset of signs of ageing. Additionally, exercise can help keep the body at a healthy weight.

Considering all of these benefits, we can only recommend that everyone exercise regularly. Both cardiovascular training and strength training will bring countless improvements in health.


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